Zales: Candy Colored Fashion Show, 3

Advertising Agency: GSD&M, USA
Executive Creative Director: Jay Russell
Group Creative Director: Brent Ladd
Creative Director / Art Director: Will Chau
Creative Director / Copywriter: Lara Bridger
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Gene Blakeney
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Eric Knittel
Strategists: John D'Acierno, Priya Sanvordeker
Designers: Maria DAmato, Stephen Rockwood
Accounts: Kristin Davis, Anne Kennedy, Coley Platt
Art Producer: Marilyn Rose

January 2013


randomname's picture
137 pencils

The art is nice. But it's the first thing you would think of if you're told to do ads for "candy diamonds."

kleenex's picture
40726 pencils

Shiny stuff.

Seldoon Eeffoc's picture
Seldoon Eeffoc
102 pencils

Simple concept, very straight forward. I'm curious to see what other possibilities you've come up with.

Shridevi's picture
184 pencils

Diamonds and they come as cheap as candies! Though they have taken the concept of colors, it takes shine off a premium accessory.

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