Wyoming Office of Tourism: Falls

Look back and say, at least I didn't lead no humdrum life. Roam Free.

Advertising Agency: Barnhart Communications, Denver, USA
Creative Director: David Yost
Art Director: Darren Brickel
Associate Art Director: Kyle Siderius
Copywriter: Jim Glynn
Photographer: Paolo Marchesi
Retoucher: Armando Martinez
Published: March 2011


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I like the series, but I don't like the bad grammar in this headline. Personally, I would have rather had it say "I didn't lead a humdrum life".

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Agreed, and the quote should be in quotes.

shawnbarrytoronto's picture
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Coloquial speak was obviously the point, but I agree - the copy is smart overall and this one dumbs out a little.

Nice campaign.

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Well done.

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