Wikipedia: Love

Start by learning about something you love. Stop when you’re in love with something you’ve learned. With over 10 million articles in 253 languages, you’ll be too busy reading to even wonder how you got there. So go ahead. Follow the blue.

Advertising School: The Creative Circus, Atlanta, USA
Art Director / Copywriter: Austin Hamilton


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the other black guy
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Im not a a big fan of the art direction but i love the line cos thats exactly my experience with wiki

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I like this line the best, partly because its the only headline in the campaign, but also because the strategy is on point. Not sure that strategy is coming across in the other two.

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Agreeable copy. Good!

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lol. The past tense for "learn" in UK English is "learnt".
(I'm not saying they're wrong, this ad could be made for US)

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Guest commenter

Given that it's an ad created by students from an American ad school I think it's safe to say that it was, indeed, made for the US.

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thanks for all the comments; any feedback is good feedback!

and yeah, these were originally written for a headlines class, and since i had to produce them myself (and i'm a copywriter), they look more like i smeared my face with ink and smashed it repeatedly onto a piece of paper instead of actually art directed. but if i end up keeping these, i'll definitely get someone to make them look presentable.

thanks again!


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Wow--I love this! With one memorable phrase, the writer captures the addictive thrill of running down all those rabbit holes!

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Guest commenter

beautiful lines.

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Guest commenter

This is the best of the bunch. Love it.

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