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whatever your opinion, a vote cast will last forever.

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Yes. But a bad ad is a bad ad.

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this whole campaign is really sad....the copy is sadder....the art direction is the sadest!

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its been done sooooo well by Ministry of sound. Use your vote, you know they'll use theirs.

Bad bad bad copy

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cement is interesting, but the lines are awful.

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Thank you for all response.
I'm one of the students who made these ads.

Our target is wayward use with no direction, no passion who don't care anything.
This ads go with a street event that people actually can write their idea on a cement.
We came up with the event idea first, and these print ads followed.
These ads would be clings, which are placed on street as a part of cement. As you may feel, we struggled making print ads which could go with the street event.

Here is a great opportunity for us to know people's reaction and opinion except for in class.
If you don't mind, We'd like to get more suggestions,opinions, and ways to make them better for our reference.

We really appreciate that you spent time for us.
Thank you.

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I like this campaign.
Being younger and less "out of touch" than most of the people on this site, I can definitely see the angle.
This is really powerful toward trying to get people to vote.
This sums up exactly why i vote. There are a ton of bigots, racists, and idiots that are casting their vote. I have to use my voice to help drown out theirs.

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