U.S. Navy: Surgeon

The Navy landed me here.

Advertising Agency: GlobalHue, Southfield, USA
Executive Creative Director: Desmond Hall
Creative Director: Rob Hendrickson
Art Director: Matt Laufer
Copywriter: Justin Trapp
Print Producers: Mike Miller, Preston Burr III
Photographer: Bob Stevens
Retouching: Taylor James, Stage 3
Published: October 2008


Jon-Paul Mountford's picture
Jon-Paul Mountford
889 pencils

nice set, but I'm not sure having giant anchor through the roof would convince me !

Guest's picture

thanks god it didn't landed on him by mistake!

maxsteel's picture
98 pencils

excellent retouching congratulations.!!!!

Guest's picture

made me look. Success

Guest's picture

yeah baby!!! Nothing says navy like giant anchors! good work.

dsklan's picture
1927 pencils

what about the village people?

Guest's picture

A for the production artist, C for the copywriter, F for the CD---but good enough for government work, though, eh?

tacaz0n's picture
64 pencils

I like it, but I think the message could have been more effectively conveyed alot simpler by having him in a room during operation wearing his Navy Uniform.

Bundy Agency's picture
Bundy Agency
597 pencils

probably could have used a periscope from a submarine and a life jacket and some other navy related items other than just an anchor.

samwanzer28's picture
313 pencils

Now I don't want any Navymen crashing in on my business.. they'll just ruin the roof. LOL.

Guest's picture

seems like he could of just went to community college to become an RN...

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