University of San Francisco: Bus

Advertising Agency: Hub Strategy, USA
Creative Director / Design: Peter Judd
Creative Director / Copywriter: DJ O'Neil
Director of Account Management: Annalyn Duke
Account Coordinator: Meghan Raab
Photographer: Jason Rothman
Producer: Michael Blair
Copywriters: Leona Frye, Jason Siciliano
Lead Designer: Paul Kagiwada
Mechanical Artist: Mike Ornellas
Flash Designer: Armand Tam

April 2012


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I don't know what bus this is on, but the seats must be pretty good. Or the education not necessarily anything special.

If I assume that people are standing on the bus, and would be pleased to get a seat, but not ecstatic...

Realistically, surely this is the case...

...then you really are not saying anything great about the education at University of San Francisco.

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these ads show the fine art of making full ads out of half written lines of copy

You Are What You Expect

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