Tracylocke: Internship, Media

At boot camp, we won't yell in your face, Wake up at or run you until you vomit.
Unless you show up looking like this.

Advertising Agency: Tracylocke, Dallas, TX, USA
Creative Director: Gib Shellenberger
Art Director: Chris Rainey
Copywriter: Gib Shellenberger
digital Illustration: Lincoln Durham
Photographer: Stephen Schmitt
Retouching: Jorge Meraz

January 2010


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Not a fan. In an industry where the work should speak for itself, this is not the best approach for an ad industry internship. Students will seek out the good work agencies are doing, and apply directly -- can't see them being moved by this and enrolling. Probably a reason I haven't heard of Tracylocke.

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How have you not heard of TracyLocke?

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they shouldn't relly that much on the copy

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Ad Keeno
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well i love it. as an ad student, i totally identify with these ads. i find it hilarious. but then again, i'm only a student, so maybe my opinion doesn't matter.

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