The Model Apartment: Bathroom

Welcome to The Model Apartment.
16w21 New York

Advertising Agency: Imagination, USA
Creative Director: Josh Rogers
Art Director: Will Dean
Photographer: Steve Hellerstein
Set & Production Design: Robert Pyzocha
Writer: Josh Rogers
Designers: Will Dean, Miho Nishimaniwa, Yazmany Arboleda
Producer: Sharon Mendelow, Kyle Boynton
Production Assistant: Katie Courson


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W T F??!!??!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Another WTF?

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I remember someone was requesting Ivan for more print ads from US. Time to contemplate!


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I was the one asking Ivan to post more print ads from the US, and I don't intend to rethink that. Don't be so biased against US advertising. The AAF receives well over 60,000 entries each year for the ADDY Awards. You haven't seen a lot.

That said, I don't think this campaign is bad. It's indeed not your typical staid prosaic real estate advertising (with images of the property). It's new; it's refreshingly different. At first, I too thought that the idea here wasn't so great but then it started to grow on me. I began to think of architectural miniatures or scale models. Well, we have something similar here; scaled interior design mock-ups, layouts, etc. And no they are not fancy, but that's the idea. The entire building, to my knowledge, has a clean contemporary feel/look. I'd imagine the interior design reflects that. Good job!

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Hey atb, I really like your positive approach and your openness for different, fresh shots mostly, but you need to filter some eventually and take the trash out, because after looking a while everything grows on you man... that's the way it is for people who have a good vision. Stop it or I'll declare you the Budha of the! :)

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easy... dude, I knew its you. That's the only way to bring your attention here ;-))
I'm here for the 'daily creative fix' (as Ivan used to say) and a fan of spectacular US TVCs. I have to disagree for that they had a serious approach here.


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Really wtf....!

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