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how uptight do you have to be to find a tattoo unusual and a suit indicative of business?

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Well, that would be about 99% of the businesses in the western world.

Along with piercings, and almost any other body mods, because to the "squares" this type of free thinking is just not tolerated:(

If some poor wussy gets all upset and offended by one, they can, an will, sue, and sadly they win every time, succeeding in contributing to the decline of civilization.

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"Western world" or simply the "US"? ;)

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what a racy lady!!! she has a......tattoo!!! (a really shitty one at that)

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Crisp One
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tell me about it...an eagle?

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David Hasselblad
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I don't know the hotel chain so I don't know what their target market is, but if they're trying to target a young/hip/edgy crowd, they're doing it wrong.
Also, if they're after the buisiness crowd, they're doing it wrong.

Ah fugheddaboutit. This just sucks in too many ways.

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What is wrong with this? Body tattoo is normal for example in whole Japan!Its not UNusual at all in today's world.
Bad idea to show unusual things and people. Why old underground things are still extraordinary for some people? Treating someone with tattoo as an unusual person is old fashion.

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down w/ suits and dress codes!

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Disco Munky
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That tattoo looks like it was done with crayon.


"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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This is even more lame than "The Buckle" ad. If they were going to do a tattoo, then why not the hotel chain's logo tattooed to the model's inner thigh? Iron Horse is pretty tough sounding...and yes, exactly who is their target market. It's all rather confusing...


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Terrible tat.



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But when this ad runs in the Newsweek issue with Sarah Palin on the cover... well, we get the idea that this might be Sarah's (ugly) tattoo? Which makes me laugh.

While this ad is not particularly effective in my mind, the hotel is def worth checking out, if not just for the great adaptive re-use of an old factory building. [I've stayed there, and it's pretty neat] The interior is kinda masculine chic, close to the hopping third ward and downtown, and is one block from the Harley Davidson museum, hence the alt-business positioning

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