Tappening: Start a Lie, Playgrounds

Bottled water makes acid rain fall on playgrounds.
*If bottled water companies can lie, we can too. Find out the truth at tappening.com or spread your own lie at startalie.com

Advertising Agency: DiMassimo Goldstein, USA
Creative Director: Mark DiMassimo
Art Director: Chris Carlberg
Copywriter: Justin Prichard
Illustrator: Jan Kallwejt

July 2009


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this kind of lies, the lines that are here are prerceived as sarcastic, and ironic that means that IT HELPS THE WATERCOMPANIES. bad strategy...rili rili bad...

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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No one's gonna take this at face value & at the very least it'll make them want to read the rest of the ad.

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