Sweetbands: The Stache, Censored 2

SweetBands is a recently launched line of sweatbands targeting a younger, active demographic. Supporting the release of “The Stache” SweetBand, thirtysevenclick created a series of ads with “naked” women wearing only a SweetBand. In line with the product’s light-hearted branding, the series is meant to convey the idea that the wearer needs only a SweetBand to be unique.

Advertising Agency: Thirtysevenclick, USA
Creative Director: Paul Klinke
Art Director: Tobin Nageotte
Photographers: Tim Hook, Tobin Nageotte
Special thanks: Emily Denker, Karen Hirsch, Lindsay Soule
Published: September 2011


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Jaap Grolleman
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I guess they didn't really know what to do with this idea.

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Bill Me Now
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Not a new concept by any means. Off the top of my head, I know Zappos just ran a similar ad:


I don't even think there's shock value with these anymore. 3 stars for starting my morning with naked ladies

kleenex's picture
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Censoring the ad is a no-no...

Lockjaw's picture
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Digging it. Since when are naked people bad. I say the more naked girls wearing sweetbands, the better.

Lazarus's picture
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Pretty lame.

Manoma's picture
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Nice, butt...
what that means ?
4 stars for the shoot.

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