Sun Media: Diver

Size is nothing without precision. No other media tool combines circulation size and the precision of customized media options.

Advertising Agency: Marshall Fenn Communications
Creative Director: James Dunlop
Art Director / Copywriter: Steven Kim
Photographer: Philip Rostron
Copywriter: James Dunlop

October 2008


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much better than the other one

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Dude were is my car

Why is that?

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Skoda used the same concept of large gymnasts in their television ad but with the tagline ' big and agile', whereas Sun media are saying 'size is nothing without precision'. idea has already been used.

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Guest commenter

remember Pirelli did a famous ad with Carl Lewis in high heels, power is nothing without control.

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Guest commenter

pirelli was great ad. Although that was made by a theiving specky bastard. this is real bullshit. im ashamed to be associated with advertising if this is the benchmark. 6 stars... 6 chocolate starfish more like.

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Guest commenter

jeez! this is so crap in its execution... a powerlifter diving off a board with faggot socks on??? is this ur dad? fudge packer. its shit. stick to packing shelves man.

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Charming comment. Tell me, are you still in school? Or just an account executive?


No, I am not a media buyer.

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Javier Ramírez
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Interesante la idea, la dirección de arte no le hace justicia.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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