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The sun tan mark joke has already been done too much. For cars it was made three times with the safety belt... and for so many other products...

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not to mention, much, much better

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I'm a big music lover (especially live music.) I love the sun and outdoors. I love good food with fresh air. This ad speaks to me, big time. Love the tag line, too!

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agree with joe. the sunburn thing has been done way too many times. if they'd done this 15 years ago, it would have been fresh.

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this one is cooooooooooool.

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Might work better if it didn't look like the guy is standing in a studio (which it does).

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The shape's off; the guitar doesn't wrap around human bodies :\.

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of course not!! BUT C'MON! be logical... the sun only "hit" u 1 one direction... in this case in front of the guy...so thats the logical sun tan mark!

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Renee K

Exactly, mauroxxx. What do you suggest Cheza; that the ad only shows 1/3 of the guitar? There is a publicly-known distinction between what would be "real" and what is worked on for the sake of advertisement.

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... and bad photoshoping.

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