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I think USA Didnt understand the meaning advertising

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boy do these blow.

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I disagree. I think AOfTW has become Archive Magazine online - high execution, low concept, low headline. Ads here in the states have more emphasis on the words. As a writer that likes to write, it works in my favor. maybe the system made me this way, who knows. but, whatever, it's a perfectly fine headline. Better than most, I'd say.


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looks like somebody here has never been featured in archive.

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I somewhat agree. I tend to choose well crafted ads even if they are not so good on concept. But I do love copy ads as well.

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I think this ad for segemented target of a culture. I'm not sure how people catch the message...

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Art direction is non-existent here. Bad Photoshop, bad font choices, non-appealing color schemes, what is that background? The lines aren't great either.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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cupcakes are tasty but pancakes are on a completely different level.

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hard to read, maes me throw up a little

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I consider Ads of the world as a platform where we all can see ads from all over the world... We can post comments if we have an opinion.. The point is to stay intouch with the ad world. Thx IVAN... This Ad on the other hand is pretty nice... especially the copy

- Life Feeds on Life -

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Maybe I'm just hopelessly thick but I've been watching this ad for three days; could somebody enlighten me as to which three deadly sins these contain? It feels like there could be something there but it's falling flat for me.

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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Worst art direction I've seen in a while.

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The copy is good. The art needs work. It is way over done for being way under done.

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I thought that line sounded familiar:


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A stranger abroad
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IMO these lines are way above average. They add value to the product. The art could be improved, yes, but the bones are perfectly sound.

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