Subaru: Trash bin

Tribeca. 10 air bags. Subaru

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Costa Rica
Creative Director: Byron Balmaceda
Art Director: Gustavo Solis
Copywriter: Jose Coto
Illustrator: Gustavo Solis
Photographer: Gustavo Solis

August 2009


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somehow, the campaign "core thought" of showing real dangers turn into can't-harm-a-fly
contraption is eerily similar to the many-a-golds winner Toyota Camry campaign -
where the parents, who are extremely cautious and wrap their children in bubble plastic,
don't have a headache when it comes to the safety of the same children while traveling in a Camry.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Este sí que no se entiende bien que es inflable.

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Exagera el resto y no el producto... ya se ha visto

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hay que ser bobo pare enviar esta mierda copiada.

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