St Vincent's Hospital: The Health Pledge, Luz

Make a pledge to live a healthier life to those you love. In honor of that pledge we are offering $99 mammograms.

Advertising Agency: Intermark Group, Birmingham, USA
Creative Director: Keith Otter
Art Director: Rob Hardison
Copywriter: Brent Davis
Photographer: Jason Wallace

October 2009


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My Dad is an Ad Man
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Is $99 a good offer? how much does a mamogram usually cost?
BTW, I don't like it when a health institute runs an ad with a price tag.

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I don't see why not? You yourself have an idea how much a mamogram can cost... BTW, It's a great offer.

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Leafs fan
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This pile of shit violates every design crime known to man. And just to make sure we the horror didn't go unnoticed, they cloned the fucking mess 5 fucking times.

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Hilarious it


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Wow, that's very weird to see an ad selling medical services. You never see this Canada. Suck it USA.

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welcome to 1940


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Do we really need to put 6 of these here? In fact, one is too much. These are poor at best.

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I like this one.... the best from it series i think... I like her expression

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all the ads too direct


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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I give this 10 stars, not just for the fact that the model is my Mother but because I think these ads are genius!

We are talking about a Classic Black & White picture (which its always sober) with the Pink Color of "The Breast Cancer Association"

By the way for those who question the price range, a Typical "cheap" Mammogram runs between $128.00 and $200.00 (US Dollars) so $99.00 is very cheap!!!

Also for the "These are poor at best" "...violates every design crime known to man" and "...the horror didn't go unnoticed"
I see a very sober simple ad that just reflects the "Less is More" technique, which attracts the eye of the customer by not making it hard and tired to the eye (that way the designer gets the point across and the reader its attracted by the ad) unlike many other great modern art-work that only overpower their great sense of art, and it drowns their creativity. The fact that they are repetitive and monotone across the board makes it easier for the clients.

Sadly but truly everything now-a-days is marketing, from selling products, services, and even ideas. Its just part of the media, that is what makes us one of the biggest and most powerful nation in the marketing world.

The line "I Pledge my _______" is a solemn vow that women are making to their families and friends, it's a very touchy subject that needs to be respected. Yes it is a marketing ad, but behind the "facade" of a $99.00 mammogram there is a solemn pledge to do so, and I know women that either went through that and are survivors and many who have passed.

I respect everyone of you as a colleagues or just human beings and I hope you can respect and admire the work of whomever designed, photographed, directed and produced this project.

keep up the good work.

God Bless You.

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Brainchild Theories
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wow Canadian folks are TERSE

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