SoyJoy: Grumpy

Advertising Agency: RPA, Santa Monica, California, USA
Creative Director: Mark Erwin
Art Director: Kelly Beck
Copywriter: Kathy Hepinstall
Illustrator: Simon Peplow
Typographer: Linzie Hunter
Published: August 2008


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great artwork. pretty nice.....

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ruben postaer has clients? wow. I always thought they were just some abandoned building where perhaps two people did shitty honda commercials.

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Neil Levy
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krautland, in good faith, you cannot write a comment like that. you're basically bad mouthing an entire agency using an anonymous name. that's chicken shit. and if you know your history, you'd realize that a lot of great people have done great work there. hell, google the writer kathy hepinstall who is listed on these and you'll see.

you're smarter than that. at least i think you are.

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in response to "krautland": only one with inferiority uses the facade of superiority....have you published 4 novels, mr kraut?

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