Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence: Punching bag

It's not acceptable to treat a woman like one. Most men agree, but few speak out. Please, be heard. A man's voice is an effective way to change demeaning societal attitudes towards women.

Advertising Agency: Bilinki & Groggins, Providence, USA
Creative Directors: Tim Needham
Art Director: Tim Needham
Copywriter: Kevin Acciaioli
Photographer: Michael Indresano
Photoshop Artist: Christopher Lee Donovan

November 2008


Tchabana's picture
103 pencils

for heavens sake! stop it, stop the violance,stop these ugly pictures, it makes me cry! when i see this it reminds me my mother! she was one of this "kind" of women!

Carlos Garcia's picture
Carlos Garcia
847 pencils

Ugly photo.
Ugly line.

Just take it as it is: "It's not acceptable to treat a woman like one." wtf people!

Even a student coulf do better than this. I know, i've seen it.


prohomopithecus's picture
39 pencils

Sorry guys.

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dude, awesome. I'm going to target to buy a dress to put on my punching bag now. sweet!

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I'm lost... the line.... what the hell are they talking about?

joelapompe's picture
3816 pencils

It's so overdone, I really don't know where to start!!! I've seen this visual trick like 10 times in recent years... I prefer the other one with the piece of meat, it's more dirty, shocking and spectacular...

theanc's picture
2783 pencils

Don't like it. Some way the shot looks funny and I think shouldn't happen to deliver this message.

Notorious's picture
666 pencils

nice, creative, but still the punch line is so wrong

outsmart me, if you can

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hahahahaha funny line!

uncletui's picture
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I don't like it

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Nooooooooo .....the ad aint good at all! Instead I think the guys may continue doing it given that the punchbag doesn't feel pain and wont defend itself

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I think it's a great ad. It's a picture that speaks the proverbial thousand words, showing a domestic abuser's viewpoint as taken to its logical conclusion. Who knows, perhaps it might be persuasive to women who think they "deserve" to be trreated like that.

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