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Great copy, but other than that the image and the creative aren't the best

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old copy... rather, old way of writing copy.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Jaap Grolleman
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Exactly my though. Somehow I feel like " hey, I've red this before... "

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I like the confident, strong tone of voice being communicated in the writing...it's got attitude or rather 'ad'titude. As far as the look of the ad goes I think it nicely balances out the copy.

I think; therefore I am

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It's not a copy, it's a business fact. And the visual is real too. Considering the sector it is addressing, I believe this does it's job very well.

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Seems student work

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Agree with satrianee. Anyway (at least in my country) this buisness almost never advertise, so using "old copy" or "new trendy useless copy" wouldnt change the fact that the "old copy" is the best.
Art Direction though could be a bit better, the photo vs the bakground and copy is not connected enough I think. And I dont get the "delicious font" usage..

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It was -30 F that day...

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