Nurture by Steelcase: Word Furniture, Casegoods

Great things happen when you question everything.

Advertising Agency: Hunt Adkins, Minneapolis, USA
Creative Director: Doug Adkins
Art Director: Steve Mitchell
Copywriter: Doug Adkins

August 2010


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I like the way it was executed.

Stop Mediocrity. Start Creativity.
There are two kinds of people in the world; people who like mustangs (cool people) and people who like camaros (idiots).

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Nothing new.

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People will ignore it..


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Nothing new but always nice to see.

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Nicely achieved. Feels good.

And nothing's new, of course.

"Ubi hubave lubearned thubat ubanuby fubool cuban wrubite uba bubad ubad, bubut thubat ubit tubakes uba rubeal gubenubiubus tubo kubeep hubis hubands uboff uba gubood ubone."
-Lubeo Buburnubett

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Well executed, but there´s not relation between product and message, i think

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Ed Rapport
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Yawn did I miss something? I am a dope fiend junky for concepts and brilliant copy

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Anonymous Author
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Good looking.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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Well, you did question everything indeed but nothing great has happened. Or?

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