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he he... nice one. really insightful on women's problems.

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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So do you really think a woman who would take care of everything else and spend so much time on her body, wouldn't do anything about body hair? I would think that's usually the first and easiest thing to take care of.

virtualplaydoh's picture
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yes. many.

stitchy's picture
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its not about the easiest. its either they do or they dont!

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Don Rapper
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not necessarily

virtualplaydoh's picture
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not sure that expression is right. the copy can probably be pushed. and a lot of things have been executed similar. But all in all it's still a fun idea.

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very nice approach

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10/10 creative route...brilliant copy and terrefic art direction...hats off!


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nice idea

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Naughty boy!

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virtualplaydoh - Thanks for the feedback. I agree with your comments on the copy, and the expression. We're actually in the process
of the coordinating a photoshoot for this campaign and wanted to get some objective feedback to improve upon the concept. Thanks to everyone who's posted a comment.

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Beautifully executed.


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I think this is awful. I know in advertising we create a need and then position a product to fill that need, but this makes me feel creepy. She has spent countless hours at a gym and a fortune filling her closet with clothes and the look on her face is as off-putting as the message.

Do we really need more ways to make women feel insecure in their bodies?

Think of the potential this route has for plastic surgery ads.

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

cubancurtains's picture
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Perhaps you should consider another career path if you're sensitive to making women feel insecure about their bodies.

Wordnerd's picture
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true, cubancurtains. most insecurities are inventions of creatives. or cruel small kids.

btw: Nice ad!

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Mr. Curtains,

I'll be a little clearer here. I think the idea is very lazy. It's a first thought: "How to sell a hair removal product? Let's make women insecure about having hair!"

What differentiates this from any other depilatory product? Where's your benefit? What will make the customer think of novopelle rather than the more common Nair or Veet?

I think it's a bad ad because it doesn't do anything other than attempt to insult your would-be customer.

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

cubancurtains's picture
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Mr. Dale,

Ever read any Brendan Behan?

Think of this quote the next time you waste your time trying to analyze and critique an ad on this site.

"Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how it's done, they've seen it done every day, but they're unable to do it themselves."

I have a hunch by your lazy, thoughtless, self-assuming critique...that you're incapable of doing an ad that would even be close to be considered satisfactory.

If you're as intrepid as you seem, feel free to send some of your work to cubancurtains@yahoo.com

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Wow, Mr. Curtains, you really don't like criticism do you?

I was going to respond to your initial points, the ones that I received in the email update but you have since tempered your response. In my post above I brought up what I think are salient points to consider when making any ad. That you read that as being lazy and thoughtless tells me everything I need to know.

I don't like the ad. I don't think it works and I think it insults the audience; however that is my opinion. You might think those who criticise mere eunuchs, but perhaps you shouldn't post work on a site that encourages creative criticisms.

I'll leave you to your work.

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

cubancurtains's picture
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So Mr. Dale,

Do you have work posted on here, or not?
If so, send me some of your work....

cubancurtains's picture
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Mr. Dale,

Your criticisms...are far from creative. I've looked at all your critiques of other peoples work, not just my own. The similarities are pathetic.
It's obvious to me that you lack the creative skills to be a writer in the business merely by how you voice your opinions on the work..i.e. (Needs to be pushed, it's lazy...etc).
You should take a good look at your own work before you start having opinions of others. You speak as if you've won at Cannes, year after year. Let me guess, you've never had one piece even entered. I think it's great you have an opinion, and I'm very open to criticism...just not when it comes from someone who can't back up his own work.

I'll leave you to your inadequacies.

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so whats her name? anyone =P

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splendid copy...


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