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To me it's not completely the same idea. Maybe it was inspired on the ones linked above, but the addition of the pill literally keeping your eyes open makes it smarter.

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Award show jurors should visit AotW more often!

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I'm not disputing that, everyone is welcome of course, but if an idea has been done before should it be disqualified from winning?

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When you're judging an award show there must be/is countless entries which are the same. So it would be hard to judge which came first (see 100th monkey syndrome) and also deeming the idea unoriginal, the whole lot would probably become defunct.

This, I think would happen in this case, since the other ones have come out at relatively the same time they will probably appear at the same award shows.

However advertising is a forever evolving beast of the same/similar ideas over and over, sometimes better sometimes worse, we can't help that, it's the nature of the beast and as creatives we can't but help let our peers know when this is the case. And we all know how shit if feels when it happens to you no matter how innocent you are.

So no I don't think an idea should be disqualified from winning an award just because someone saw a similar idea in a One Show annual back in 1975 that had the exact same black cat in it.

But an idea that's executed exactly the same as another or more in the same the year? No award.

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what a strange reasoning
when two or three almost the same ideas are being made at about the same moment, then the chance is that they really don't know about each other. SO, no award for any of them? If the idea is good and new, the best executed should win.
If the idea is old and recycled, then no award.

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if you use an old image (old as in seen before) and give it a new twist it is not an old idea. it is a new idea an it can be a good one. you can not say done, just because there is a red car in the ad. if you have a new idea on an old visual it is better than a new visual on an old idea. the best thing is a new visual in an new idea.

But when you put a better visual (let say a better photo)and you use the same situation, same idea, same copy... in an old idea, that is when you can say: done. and those ads should be banned from competition.

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I don't dispute that but I feel that when you're faced with the same idea executed pretty much the same, it will give the stigma of an unoriginal idea, you know, a too easy and obvious solution for the proposition.

Where as, something that you've never seen before with a great insight and executed well will always come up trumps.

And I kind of feel that ideas should win over execution, a seasoned well experienced team will execute the same idea far better than a junior team 80% of the time or maybe one agency had a bigger budget, I know this will never change but it seems a shame.

As for old ideas old and recycled sure no award if it's exactly the same, but these days we seem to be able to find something similar to something that's been done before in almost everything, you only have to browse through the comments on this website for proof.

I believe there's a definite line (though fine) between inspiring and copying. But hey that's just me.

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So the tablet can keep you awake only this much.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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Jet Lee
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Exactly my thought.
It doesn't look like the product is helping much.

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I think the eyes are trying to close, but the product won't let them.

You can tell by the way the black area flexes around the tablet.

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No. The ad shows the problem. The product promises the solution.


JAGGY's picture
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Don't be so dumb. The tablet stuck there is showing the solution, which is not effective enough.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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Ha, Knock out comment mate!

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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HELOOOOOO! it's not the same idea.
It's true that they've used the same mechanism. But did somehing new and funny with it.
it's like using exageration in an ad and than saying you can't using exageration anymore because it has been done in that ad.

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in the name of ad
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I like it it's so simple but nice.

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R. Rinaldi
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Not so, looks familiar.

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Nothing special-

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stop this!!

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inspiring art direction.

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nothing great about it. not interested.

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