New York Fries: Toupee

Advertising Agency: Zig, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
Art Director: Allan Mah
Writer: Jason Buback
Planner: Subtej Nijjar
Project Manager: Erin Wilbur
Team Leader: Leslie Hunter
Photography: Michael Graf
Retoucher: Jeremy Thompson
Studio Assistance: Julie Riley

August 2009


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Here is another old execution from the same campaign:

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638 pencils

is it real?

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Nash Albacea
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The campaign is funny and catchy, but, is it just me or the team really perceived the world as full of fakes? Or that any other fries out there are fake?

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Fries are relatively a low involvement buy.

Because fast food brands like Mc Donlads and Burger King have raised the bar on people's expectations of satisfaction, smaller brands - like New York Fries - protect themselves by attacking their standards. Which can never escape the feel of a factory. Not fit to score on details such as ultimate taste.

Ever noticed how Mc D and BK only promote a hungry taste? Something they try to mask with themes like a Greek salad, Asian chicken burgers, Texas Whoppers, etc. all to express kitchen related preparation.

Hence the reason why such message above needs to be delivered clearly. Black and white. No arguments can fit between it.


Here in Holland/Europe Mc Donalds already started to change course. They have got a nationwide campaign running that explains the ingredients that go into their burger. How they pick the best pieces of meat and such. Again a effort to express kitchen related preparation but at a much deeper level.

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