Monte Carlo Resort & Casino: Unpretentiously luxurious, 4

Advertising Agency: David&Goliath, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Creative Director: John Kieselhorst
Art Director: Todd Parker
Copywriters: Aryan Aminzadeh, Greg Szmurlo
Art Buyer: Andrea Mariash
Media Buyer: MGM MIRAGE
Account Team: Jessica Halter-Powell, Megan McDonnell

June 2009


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does she have two left hands?

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True, it looks like it. Her thumb is bent inward.

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Sorry to say girls and boys, but this is charming stock photo and nothing else.

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Wow. So the guy's name is Tray...? Is this for real? Can we not get some concept in here? Just puns I guess.

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Can they get an uglier model??

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what??? a nice pic of charming resort. whats the big idea?
am i missing anything?

and model is far away from any feminine charms.

"selling is advertisment"

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just write
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what wrong with her right hand... it looks weird...

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My vote is just considering the reference market of the adv: USA.
I think that fprobably or an american "Tres chic" really is written "Trey sheek" and the girl is really chic in a chic environment.
For the rest of the world, who care.

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2001 Clos du Bois outdoor ad campaign. Same idea. "CLO -DU- BWAH" Tag was "Unpretentious Wine." Sorry. Seen it. Keep trying adguys.

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i saw the girl, the man, the pool, the building, a tree or two. all put togather u call it advertising, right? monte carlo, if u r successful, thats a case study i would want to read.
u stand out for ugliness.


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Worst. Retouch. Ever.

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Apart from the hideous girl with maimed hand - what is the pool boy carrying his hose on?

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check out her fingers

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Very goooodd CUT! uauahuah

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Merde, they should have asked a translator to proof it.

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1. No thumb on right hand, Glad to see they are employing the "hand"icapped in advertising now.
2. REALLY ugly, uncomfortable looking bathingsuit
3. "Tray Sheek?" Really? Are they trying to be cute or do they realy think we are that stupid?

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It's a PS hack job - the creative people should be fired for 1 - Doing this and 2 - allowing it to be done.

Her right hand is a hack left-hand cut and paste and her right leg is obviously cut from somewhere else - you can see where it joins her pelvis.... looks painful.

PS - thought the 'what's the poolboy hanging his hose on?" question was hilarious.

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seriously how do none of you guys get the "tray sheek" thing?
it says right in the corner "unpretentiously luxurious", it's a bit of a joke
to be honest i think that (thumb aside) it's a good advert

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Nick Walter
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Using an ultra thin model for a casino hotel is not really a great idea. Surely he rich and famous are frequenters here but still looks like they serve no food here. I know its a bad joke but fits the ad properly

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