Montana Meth Project: Friends

My friends and I share everything. No we share hepatitis and HIV.
Meth. Not even once.

Advertising Agency: Venables Bell & Partners, San Francisco, USA
Creative Directors: Paul Venables, Greg Bell
Copywriters: James Robinson, Eric Liebhauser
Art Directors: Ray Andrade, Tavia Holmes, Blake Bakken

March 2007


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Yeah. It's getting pretty thin now, isn't it?

"It's Mabo. It's land rights. It's the VIBE, your honour!"

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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maaate... always so negative! of course it gets thin when you look at all 3 executions one after the other. think of the consumer. and remember that the idea HAS to be campaigned out. i think this was a necessary piece in communicating the most dangerous/undesirable aspects of the drug.

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And all the rest of them, Andy.
Feels more like 23 of the little suckers than just 3.
Click a page or two back...
All for the consumer, the message, the impact and the result, comrade.
Just the old "share needle, share HIV" chestnut should be a sign we're waering out our welcome.

"It's Mabo. It's land rights. It's the VIBE, your honour!"

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.'s picture
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great campaign

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I wont be going to montana in any hurry

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aah this is getting tooo harsh.. worse than requimfor a dream..

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i was just thinking about that movie.

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Corona Raymaker
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I broke down from my chair over this line!!!

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