Modelo Especial: Seconds

Watching the national team, we discover that 90 minutes is 5,400 seconds.
Modelo Especial
Special, like that thing we feel every four years.

Planning:Richard Monturo, Carlos Arcos

Advertising Agency: La Comunidad, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Jose Molla, Joaquin Mollá
Creative Director: Gustavo Lauria
Art Director: Damian Nuñez
Copywriters: Santiago Luna Lupo, Gustavo Lauria
Agency Producers: Laurie Malaga, Julio Rangel
Account Executives: Maryanne Dammrich, Victor Leon
Photographers: Buenavista Fotografia / Mallku Salles, Cato Vaudagna
Production Company: TÖRO Production Services
Producer: Ulises da Silva
Digital Retouching: Carlos Herrmann

June 2010


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Tommy G.
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abstract idea. Not a good thing to do in advertising.

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Making my head spin.

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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Is it abstract?
Seems rather straight forward to me.

There is reason we are sitting drinking beer in front of the tv watching sport . Its Science.

If it has backup it could be good, otherwise it just isn't memorable enough for me.
edit: And I just saw the rest. Well, best of a bad bunch.

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we discover that 90 minutes is 5,400 seconds.
True, for enthusiast.

I just want to ask how many American people would like to watch the World Cup, :)

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This is the only piece I like it from all the campaign.

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methinks the art direction is lacking the sharpness, the copy is good though

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