Minnesota Public Radio: Lucy

This is Lucy.
She hunted. She gathered.
She chose a mate and reproduced.
Four million years later, she began to ask why.
Krista Tippett on Being.
American Public Media

Advertising Agency: vandl, Minneapolis, USA
Art Director: Vinny Matassa
Copywriter: Dan Roettger
Photographers: Euan Denholm
Published: August 2010


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Jaap Grolleman
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"She asked why?"
I don't really get that one...

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"she asked why" conveys the spark that makes us human - the desire to understand our world and ourselves.

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Richard Finch
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How can you not understand...especially after looking at the rest of the ads?
I find this one to be the best of the 3, yet you can get the full message either if you see all 3 ads or you're familiar with the show.

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Hats off. The best of the three. The whole series is outstanding.


Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
6996 pencils

Could you explain to me why they're so good?

Guest's picture

yeah. why?

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...and 10 second later after staring at this ad I began to ask why.

It's not Lucy who began asking why 4 million years later, it's us. A bit ambiguous and forced, though.

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really like the copy. well done

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Although it is compelling and relevant... feels like the copy is reaching.

Agreed it is best of the three.


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Miss Copywriter 22
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i love the copy, not many will understand it at first though, but i think its brilliant !

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its the best of the three part series. compelling visual, good copy. is this skull the real deal? i mean is this the "lucy" fossil?

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