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Crisp One
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idea is there... the execution isn't yet though

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Cool idea. Lame photoshop.

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Neil Levy
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how could you have made the "photoshop" any better? it's never going to look 100% real since fishes don't have lightbulbs coming out of their heads.

i think it looks pretty cool.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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actually the fish they are portraying does have a light-bulb type dealy coming out of his head, and I do think it could get better, it looks like they just pasted it on.

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The radial gradient is just a little too perfect.

That aside. I really like the idea.

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You're right about the gradient.

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i agree, photoshop is awful...
and, yes, it could have been done better... for starters light on the photograph of the bulb is casting a shadow from above, and the light coming out from the bulb isn't casting a shadow on its base. The Radial gradient trying to look like light, looks just like a radial gradient trying to look like a light. No blending on it and looks very bed. Looks like student work. Not bad, but not professional.

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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could have pushed for a more believable execution.


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