Levolor: Paint

Paint isn't the only thing that can brighten up a room.

Advertising Agency: Carmichael Lynch, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Jim Nelson
Copywriter: Ellie Anderson
Art Director: Jeff Terwilliger
Photographer: Jason Hindley
Art Producer: Sandy Boss Febbo
Retouching: Happy Finish

March 2011


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Solid Campaign idea.

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Would be really helpful to get some background on brands that some of us aren't familiar with; having to reverse-engineer a brief leads to getting things wrong too often.

So, this is a brand of window shades. Making a series of ads that show precisely what their product *isn't*. Instead of showing what their product can do, it's instead a kind of plea to 'think of the windows' essentially. Which leads me to think that people have already dismissed the brand, and it isn't a product launch, it's a product that people already know and actively ignore? If that's the case then, yep this is an effort, but it makes the product look like some arts&craft material, which I reckon will have people baulk at the price eventually. And this particular one will say Japan for a long while.

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Thanks for the background CuriousPencil. Cuz when I saw this, I didn't get it.

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