Levolor: Chair

The focal point of a room isn't always a piece of furniture.

Advertising Agency: Carmichael Lynch, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Jim Nelson
Copywriter: Ellie Anderson
Art Director: Jeff Terwilliger
Photographer: Jason Hindley
Art Producer: Sandy Boss Febbo
Retouching: Happy Finish


TommyO's picture
1866 pencils

So why do you put a furniture in the focal point of the ad?

BrendanRyan's picture
21 pencils

I took me way too long to figure out they were blinds, they are blinds aren't they?? Maybe if I knew the brand it would have clicked a bit easier...

Nerazzurro's picture
35 pencils

really like the execution but yea it takes too long to understand it, because who in the hell knows levolor?

kirannama's picture
14 pencils

i like it,, good one

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