Kinesio: Weaker sex

Ensure you're never called the "weaker sex."

Advertising Agency: Thielen Designs
Creative Director / Art Director: Tony Thielen
Copywriter: Jacqui Garcia
Photographer: Cel Jarvis
Photo Composite & Retouching: Tony Thielen

June 2009


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le falta un poco de culo a la mina, una lastima

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nice art direction and lines, but let's be honest, kenesio tape is a creative's dream product. a product that helps rapidly increase muscle recovery for aggressive athletes? could've been some great creative...

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I, too think a stronger campaign could have come out of this product. sure, the ads look nice and they aroused my curiosity but they didn't exactly tell me what this was about. they didn't make a promise that got me to say "oh fuck, I need to find out more" ...

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the art direction hurts my eyes. it looks like spec work, besides.

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Good campaign.

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Emran Hayat
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like the visual.. but really dnt get the copy

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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I went to their website and guess what there was a link called "2009 Ad Campaign." of course the work shown there was quite a ways different from what we see here. so is this a scam campaign? a vanity piece done for award shows? and if so is this really the best this creative could have come up with?

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i'm pretty sure they're spec ads done for his book.

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kool idea

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Ensure you never write the weaker line.

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Good Blood
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I so agree that this is a dream product to work with.

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