Kinesio: Control

The mind can block out agonizing pain. Even more true when there’s nothing to block out.

Advertising Agency: Thielen Designs, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: Tony Thielen
Copywriter: Chris Sadlier
Photographer: Cel Jarvis
Digital Artist: Alice Blue

April 2009


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nice art... nice lady thus: nice ad

| Everartz |

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nice art direction

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Wow..... theirs a lot going on in this Simple looking ad, but it doesn't sell it at all i'm afraid, it steps to far away from the product with a really odd idea.

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bizarre retouch. there's no shadow on her neck and it seems huge.
I kind like the idea but the copy is weird and like said above, steps away from the produt.

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What's the spider doing there? It seems like this ad is trying to do two different things at the same time, one with the visuals and another with the headline.

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nice campaign

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