IAVA: Parking meter

We know where you’re coming from.
99% of Americans hope their parking meter doesn’t run out. 1% of Americans hope their luck doesn’t run out.

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA
Creative Director: Don Schneider
Art Director: John Leu
Copywriter: Brad Roseberry
Photographer: Petty Officer 2nd class Sandra M. Palumbo; Tech. Sgt. Jeremy T. Lock; Staff Sgt. JoAnn S. Makinano
Chief Creative Officers: Bill Bruce, David Lubars
Published: November 2008


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missed my turn
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BBDO NY? Really? The lines and the art direction are weak. Big time.

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100% of Iraqis and Afghans try not to get murdered by trigger-happy American colonizers..

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Crisp One
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Correction, the leaders who sent the troops there are the colonizers. Leave the troops out of your broad analogy.

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most troops are uneducated rednecks WITH GUNS...
have you forgotten the random civillian attacks, abu gharib prison??

anyway, awful ad.

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Oh that's right, I forgot about conscription and the draft that's going on..

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
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There is a gutter on every street, not all service men are baby killers.

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Javier Ramírez
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Simple, claro y directo.


Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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lose the line.

the straight forward approach was better (have seen combat on TV).

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The problem is that the TV spot is so well done that the print suffers miserably by comparison. I didnt look at the credits, but I'm assuming the same agency worked on all of these, and it seems like there was a real disconnect between these parts of the campaign.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Guest commenter

2.5 million Americans are off at war?

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Sadly, yes.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Disco Munky
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What is that? An M4 Carbine assault rifle with acog scope?

Their luck isn't going to run out, their gun is just a piece of piss.

M16's are where it's at.

Anyone got COD 5 yet? It's awesome!

XBOX LIVE! jump in!!!!!!

"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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these clowns should be fired

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