Histoplasmosis Awareness: Heart

Birds infest more than trees. Bird droppings can lead to a fungal infection that gets in the heart and kills hundreds of people a year. Now you know more than most doctors.
Visit histodisease.org

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Dallas
Executive Creative Director: Shon Rathbone

Group Creative Directors: Julia Melle, Eric Moncaleano
Copywriter: Julia Melle
Art Directors: Eric Moncaleano, Julius Prilianto
Producer: Holli Burlison

Web Developer: Jeff Stachowski

Account Director: Allison Cox
Planner: Rita Shroff

Illustrator: Narda Lebo

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kleenex's picture
26914 pencils

more solid art.

certaintly's picture
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the product is just too far-fetched more me. what the hell? bird dropings?

also, no one thinks bird droppings INFECTS anything, let alone TREES. and when you say they "infect more than just trees" you assume people think that.

salil07's picture
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Hand on my heart

certaintly's picture
4060 pencils

"Bird droppings can lead to a fungal infection" INFECTION -> INFECT

edvia's picture
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The line is "Birds infest more than trees." Not bird droppings, BIRDS. Not infect, INFEST. And for the English-impared, infect and infest do not mean the same thing. So yes, birds do infest trees. Pretty common knowledge, if you ask me. Next time, try READING the copy before you slam it.

certaintly's picture
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maybe you should take your own advice there, chap.

"Bird droppings can lead to a fungal infection" INFECTION.
look back at what i wrote smart guy

jackblack's picture
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Wow, this is news. I guess I should stop climbing trees or eating them.

salil.sharma's picture
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lovely campaign ! really like the illustration & art direction

karova's picture
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Nice art, but ¿now what?

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