April 2016

Given the proper amount of love one man's trash can become another mans time machine.

Advertising Agency: BOHAN, Nashville, USA
Creative Directors: Dave Smith, Jon Arnold
Art Director: Josh Ford
Copywriter: Dave Smith
Photographer: Josh Ford

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resul ay's picture
resul ay
Activity Score 78

very nice photo.

edman's picture
Activity Score 9


AL6352's picture
Activity Score 66

I like the typographic work on all posters. Good copywriting. Good design, I like to have one of these posters in my room.

TommyO's picture
Activity Score 1866

I think it's the weakest of the series: The copy is worn out and doesn't have anything to do with cycling, and there no connection to the visual. It makes you think too much, way more than the other, beautiful ads.

abake's picture
Activity Score 1264

Very nice art direction, but I had to read all four ads to finally understand exactly what it was about.

Vingy's picture
Activity Score 474

wow this is the best. simple and stylish, love the copy. Great work on this campaign!

Cookie_Monster's picture
Activity Score 643

I really like this series. These photos are very nice.

liny_77's picture
Activity Score 206

The details are cool

veynznayr's picture
Activity Score 2

Weakest of the series? Worn out copy? I think this is one of the best. Why do you need every headline to mention 'bike' or cycling'? 'Time machine' says a lot more than 'vintage bike'. Kudos to the agency for coming up with such a simple concept and execution in a time when advertising seems to be all technique and no soul.

resul ay's picture
resul ay
Activity Score 78

very nice photo.


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