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I don´t like the art

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I really like the menu idea and the elements in it; however, I don't understand the shape you made out of hair pieces as a frame. first of all the shape is quite ambiguous and it shouldn't be in this context. If it's a frame in a menu, then it should be a rectangle. Making it out of hair pieces is enough change, if you change the shape too, I can't really understand that it's a menu page design. So, if you intended it to be a frame, it eats up all the space (because it's very close to be centered) and doesn't work. Do something to it, either lose it, give it a proper geometrical shape and stick it to the sides, blah blah.

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Minerva Pinto
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Not working for me... The art almost makes it disconcerting.

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good for nothing

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The art is not not speaking with the idea, you need to change the layout, but the idea is good.

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I feel confused. Are there 2 or 7 options?

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