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this makes me hate advertising.

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You need to get into the head of the target to get this. I think it works.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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the copywriter they fired is probably glad their name isn't on this.

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a think it works if you´ve watched the series,
and it is season 2, so... yep it works


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These are great, guys. Think about the target. Think about the PR. Think about the buzz. See the second season's ratings....

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Audrius Kubrik
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pretty dangerous if the series really suck. but after witnessing this campaign i would take a look at it to find out. so maybe it does work in a way... [already youtubing it]

[ouch ... it is that bad]

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I'm assuming most of you that don't like it aren't the target. I am. Trust me, this will DEFINITELY work. They caught my interest.

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can you tell me why? I really didn't get it.

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Because young people are driven by not following the rules. When they see this show is supposed to be scandalous and considered "bad" by the stuffy reviewers-- it only makes them want it more. Think of underage drinking, same concept.

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Crisp One
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the shirt goes something like this "Your rebellion is my Marketing Strategy"

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really like it, very good,

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open wide haha

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it seems that many people do not like it,but it quiet in my line

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