Genuine Scooter: Crap

With 100 mpg under your belt, it's time to teach the hybrids who's boss.

Advertising Agency: Maris, West & Baker, Jackson, USA
Creative Directors: Will Cauthen
Art Director: Will Cauthen
Copywriter: Marc Leffler
Illustrator: Keith Fraser
Executive Creative Director: Alan Goodson
Published: December 2007


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This whole campaign smells like student work. Sorry, but everything from the typography to the retouching is very average.

I will give props to the "hardly davidson" line though, I like that one a lot.

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A.G. Pennypacker
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No x 5. Nice looking, but the lines are just not happening.

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painful to read

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chintan ruparel
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~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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"Eat lightening and...crap?"

* eat lightening and then eat crap?
* eat lightening and then crap it out?
* eat lightening and other crap?

Don't get it.

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Putting the word CRAP in huge letters above the product is... crappy design.

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