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strong headline followed by "that's why" copy? how's that for an uneven copywriter.
anyway, interesting ad.

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what's wrong with that's why?

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the ad needs the "that's why" genius

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This doesn't feel like a the right tone for someone contemplating their death. Maybe I'm just a romantic.

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there's no creativity here whatsoever. common phrases don't count as headlines. and the layout looks like it was done by a first quarter ad student. bad even for student work.

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dont agree. strong HL that very directly bring across what they wanna say: take care about your funeral before it's too late. the common language makes it as strong as it is.

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strong headline? you've got to be kidding. no thought went into these at all. a strong headline makes you see something in a different light. common cliches do anything but.

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Crisp One
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Different way to approach being worm food!

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Enjoy the power of copy ad: http://www.lucabartoli.info/bblog/?p=1381

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