First Security Mortgage Services: Body parts

Advertising Agency: 22squared, Tampa, USA
Creative Directors: James Rosene
Art Director: Danny Corrales
Copywriters: James Rosene, Ryan Stafford

June 2008


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Question marks in headlines.

*shakes head*

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A.G. Pennypacker
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What's wrong with that? Since when is posing a relevant question breaking "ad law?"

(he said with question marks in his headline.)

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I once got a great freelance gig at an agency you all know based on one print campaign I had in my book. And all three ads in the campaign had a headline that ended with a big, fat, unapologetic question mark.
I've heard the debate on the whole question mark thing, and I think it's totally rediculous that people follow it like it's a friggin' advertising mantra. Yikes!! Don't let yourself boxed in by an argument that has little basis...

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Good work

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