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I like this one. Simple. Clean. Straight to the point.

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What's the product?

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Just a guess, but the logo is usually for the product being advertised...

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Had it ever occurred to you that some people may be looking at these ads from a place where perhaps they don't have Lemonheads? Man, you're a cynical jackass sometimes. Actually, most of the time, based on the bulk of the comments you leave on this site.

Lemonheads are a very tart lemon candy. For those that don't have them where they live.

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Alistair C.
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thank you, i was also looking puzzled because i never heard about lemondheads.

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Do search engines exist on your internet? It might be me but it sure seems like googling "lemonheads" is just a little bit easier than typing out a whole question and posting it here, waiting for 30 minutes or more, then checking back here again hoping someone responded.

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nice, love it

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Tasty looking. MMM. fresh lemons. Lemon heads.

Haven't had some of those in awhile.

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