FearNet: Bags

Advertising Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers, New York, USA
Art Directors: Metin Sozen, Stephen Rutterford
Copywriters: Mike Pierantozzi, Guy Barnett
Director: Chris Bren
Production co.: Picture Farm Pro.
Rep: BA-reps.
Producers: Arianne Culley, Tina Lam, Paul Parton
DOP: Niels Dachler
Photographer: Robert Christensen
Typographer: Alice Cavalcante
Illustrator: (Splat poster) Moto Komatsu
Editor: Mariana Martin Capriles
Published: September 2008


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Guest commenter

u can come from Monday

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Lim Choc Shcam
24 pencils


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missed my turn
426 pencils

How are you going to waste perfectly good pom poms like that?

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Guest commenter

i can recommend a shrink.

poor guys

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Guest commenter

I like the whole campaign :)
It makes me check out the site atleast...
err... is my mind warped? :p

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24 pencils

Soooooooo . . .
You are trying to say that the warped mind see these bags sexy.
keep going

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