Farmers HelpPoint: Car

How will you deal with it?
Why let an accident turn you into a nervous wreck? With one call to Farmers HelpPoint, our expert team will deal with the problem quickly and compassionately.
Sanity makes a comeback.

Advertising Agency: Campbell-Ewald, Los Angeles, USA
Executive Creative Director: Bill Ludwig
Creative Director: Debbie Karnowsky
Art Director: Chip Kettering
Copywriter: John Dolab
Agency Producer: Woo Tom
Photographer: Dana Neibert


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The entire campaign is good but by placing the alternatives on how you would handle one above the other, it most often than not translates to you progess from top scenario to bottom and not as if you choose between the 2.

It would have been better if the accident was placed to the center and the 2 alternatives below that image.

But otherwise the idea is pretty cool.... I liked it

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Totally disagree.

I think you're reading too much into how things are laid out.
It's a very simple and elegant multiple-choice layout. Left hand page: Disaster. Right hand page: How you could go about dealing with it.
They could've been labeled A) and B), for example. But you'd be adding unnecessary elements to the layout. I'm a staunch advocate of getting rid of EVERYTHING that doesn't need to be on the page unless it absolutely has to be there. (I just hate those designy ads with all the chotchkies and eye candies to cover up the absense of an idea.)

These look very "addy" (that how you spell it?) to me, but then, they feel very appropriate as well. I also LOVE the economy of thinking and execution here. Nicely done all around.

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Very well put. Was going to throw in mine, but you've said it all well.

We're going to need more lube.

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