Ethel's Brew: Happy Hour

Advertising Agency: DDB Worldwide / DDB NY, USA
Creative: Seth Goldschmidt
Photographer: Eiri Kleinman
Director: Ari Sharvit
Designer: Isaac Frosberg
Editor: Justin Balakanah


bate_palmas's picture
1479 pencils

Okay, that's the only funny one. And it's damn funny.

I don't think very much of the campaign, but this one is just so funny.

andylefty's picture
4539 pencils

The first two are so bleh it's hard to like this one.

Kikin's picture
210 pencils

Overall....I don´t like the campaign. Sorry but no.

Think. Then think again.

Sophie Campbel's picture
Sophie Campbel
164 pencils

oh kikin, this is not bad

Ava Spears's picture
Ava Spears
144 pencils


Ryan Breat's picture
Ryan Breat
112 pencils

agree, just funny

ItMatters's picture
2171 pencils

This is the best out of all. The rest just aren't working.

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