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the Pun-isher
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can someone please explain the story with the glasses

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Maximus Ipsum
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These ads are bad. Bad typography, can you kern? Bad design, glasses are fashion, can these look like fashion ads, the font is seriously dreadful. Bad writing, "sweater kittens" what are you 12 or do you just have "mommy issues" forget it, either way, sad. Bad photography, what is she doing to her face with her hands, just bad. Bad styling, THESE ARE FASHION ADS PEOPLE, YOU'RE NOT SHOOTING CHICKEN NUGGETS. These ads are bad.

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As for the hands question you pose, just to share, the glasses come with a free head already attached, the model was just trying 'em on, and is about to take them off.

Oh, and I agree with you.

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This line is the best one.

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terrible. in spite of that line.

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The art direction is from the less-is-more school. It works very well here. It's clean and direct. Nice choice of type.

A big idea often polarizes people. You either love it or you don't. These glasses are unique. The unwashed masses won't buy them. But I suspect people who prefer to stand apart from the crowd will wear these. People who are extroverted will want the attention.

These ads may not appeal to the average Joe. But, like the glasses, they're not AIMED @ people floating in the mainstream.

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You may be right about the Ads not appealing to the "average Joe". But I would think any client paying for advertising would want to reach as many people as possible. Or what are they paying for? If they're gonna go for an elite niche of people, they better hit that tiny target. And how are "sweater-kittens" polarizing or elite? The "unwashed masses" love sweater kittens. Are you only fooling yourself?

What advertising school ever taught more-is-more? So less-is-more is a great approach. As advertisers, our goal is to make really smart Ads for really stupid people. But if it turns out to be less-is-less instead, there might need to be more thinking involved.

The only polarizing effect this seems to be having is everybody's opinion versus your opinion. And as far as a "Big Idea" polarizing people being a good thing, maybe in the "Art world" you are right, but I would think in the "Ad world" a big idea is a message that appeals to as big a group as possible. And has a lot of legs for a lot of media. Or is this just a small idea?

Since you obviously made these, and I am willing to learn; help me out, so what's the big idea?

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My main problem is with the product, so I won't even try to discuss the ads.

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Wilford Brimley
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Balls and tits jokes (and outdated ones at that) to sell high-end glasses??
What IS the "big idea" here? Please tell us. It seems I'm not the only one who needs more schooling.
The only thing interesting is the design of the glasses and that isn't even addressed.
I haven't been on this site for a long time. Seeing pedestrian ads like this reminds me why.
I mentioned a long time ago and will reiterate: what is the point, "Silver Surfer", of posting your own ads on here and then complimenting yourself. You could stay home and stare in the mirror all day and admire yourself, which I wish you would do instead of making us look at this dreck.
This line may be the best one. But that's like saying the poop I took yesterday compared to the poop I took today was the best one.
Well, at least you have a friend on here (checking_the_gate) to help you get a star or two on ads that would otherwise be "left_at_the_gate".

Less-is-more, alright. Please stop putting LESS mediocre ads up and give your concepts MORE thought.

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Why does this woman have to look like she was slightly drunk? Whats so funny about that line? And what the hell is wrong with her neck???

who cares? ima play some tunes instead http://www.mixcloud.com/hoozn/

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i got it...i loved it


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