Duxiana: Sleeping Less

Are you sleeping less because you’ve gotten older? Or because your mattress has?
An ordinary mattress lasts about seven years. So if yours is over ten years old, it’s probably on its deathbed. Why not replace it with a Dux Bed? We have four times as many springs as a normal mattress. Which not only helps you sleep better, it helps you sleep longer. An hour longer, according to independent research. Visit Duxiana.com for the store nearest you and put your sleeping problems to bed.

Advertising Agency: The Gate Worldwide, New York, USA
Creative Director / Copywriter: David Bernstein
Art Director: Alex Olmsted
Photographer: Miguel Navarro
Published: March 2013

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5743 pencils

So much stupidity in one ad. Why don't they do research before spewing out this RUBBISH?
Where is the supervisor?
Where is the dignity to the profession?
David - find another day job.


Maerie's picture
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Wow, that is just what I want to think about when I think about spending a lot of money on a mattress so I can get a good night's sleep: my deathbed. Oh, yeah, and I want someone to tell me I'm getting old. For sure, that makes me open my wallet right up! The campaign itself didn't start off so badly, but this iteration is beyond laughable.

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