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Audrius Kubrik
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first 2 votes are 10 for all 3. i wonder who gave those...

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Jason Hanky
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Wow! Napoleon Dynamite really let himself go.

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Crisp One
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This one works stronger than others. Great one off. But I'm sure you know that. Like the thoughts to making the other look like the flavors, but I'm missing something.I wouldn't but if you cut this one and just play up another flavor/photo guy for a third it won't be as good, but it would probably make the other two better.

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those jeans are amazing.

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can somebody please explain this campaign?

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The people are representative of the dum dum flavors. Since this is the "mystery flavor", we have this androgynous person, getting at the mystery of "is it a man, is it a woman?" Not to mention the mystery as to where he/she found those dazzling pants. I really like this one, the other ones not so much.

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A.G. Pennypacker
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I don't think there's any doubt this is a male so the question of gender may be a tiny bit of over thinking. For me the guy himself is a question mark. He's the mystery. You look at that hair, that shirt, those pants and go "What the fu*k?" So in the end these ads are pretty straight forward. The characters are simply representative of the flavors they enjoy. But I do totally agree with you that those sans-the-belt elastiband blue jeans are absolutely fabulous!

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See, he reminds me dead-on of that old Pat character from SNL. But yeah, you definitely get the "What the f*ck" effect, which is always fun.

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The casting for this one is spot-on. Must say, the jeans are first rate. Where can I get the shirt?

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for some reason i really like this. it makes me laugh.
would love to see it campaigned out into other mediumz

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it's pat!

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I see that many people like this. I don't.

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work for real? sell? i doubt.

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i dont understand this. the campaing only have a good photography.

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