College for Creative Studies: Designing

Young artists are addicted, they spend hours and hours perfecting their craft. They can't help themselves. Their parents are generally less enthused with their child's artistic aspirations, wishing they'd go to school to become a doctor or a lawyer instead. The College for Creative Studies “Talk to your kids about art school” campaign plays up the duality of this relationship by mimicking anti-drug PSA's.

Advertising Agency: Team Detroit, Detroit, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Toby Barlow
Executive Creative Director: Gary Pascoe
Art Directors: Vic Quattrin, Brandi Keeler
Copywriters: Joel Wescott, Maggie Cote
Photographer: Stock

January 2013


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You would think ads for a creative design school would be more creative and have better design.

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And That I will agree with.

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Nike Diesel
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Andrej Troha
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This was cool when you started. Not any more.

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I love the entire series! It may not be interesting enough, but it's definitely insightful!
Btw, am surprised that parents have the same mentality in the US too!

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not bad

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I really don't know.

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