CNBC: Demolished

Advertising Agency: Woods Witt Dealy & Sons, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officers: Gill Witt
Art Director: Gill Witt
Copywriter: Harry Woods
Producer: April Kandel
Account Executive: Phyllis Dealy
Client Creative Partner: Victoria Todis
Photographer / Designer: Stock / Multiple
Production Company: In-house

March 2009


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I'd like to say these have a merit to their classic layout, but these would make me do anything more than turn the page. The visuals are tired and stock-looking.

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Unfortunately the housing charity Crisis are running almost the same ad in Britain at the moment.

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Why is the house floating in the sky? At first glance, it looks like the house is being hit by a small moon and the cable looks like a larger planet, cropped in the far off distance. Too confusing.

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Thanks for being part of the problem. Heaven forbid we advertise the GOOD side of things happening.

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This is mediocre advertising at its best. We know the economy sucks, we know the housing market has been hit hard. We don't need you to show it to us in a freakin' ad.

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Here's the huge flaw with this ad:

The visual is trying to work off the idea that the housing market is unstable... like a house of cards.
A house of cards is inherently weak and collapses on its own merit.

Why the hell is there a bulldozer knocking down the house of cards?

Is it trying to say the housing market is so bad, it's like a house of card (which falls down on its own) being hit by a bulldozer?

Way too forced and convoluted.

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I agree... too forced


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A.G. Pennypacker
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Apparently this recession has demolished the ability to make a good ad about the recession.

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It feels like 1991.

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missed my turn
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It seems to be a better metaphor for CNBC's credibility, starring Jon Stewart as the wrecking ball.

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im shocked at how horrible this is. 1982?

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There's still some room on the sides of the CNBC logo if you need more info :P

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Can we have a separate site for American work please, this is just embarrasing

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