Chef Boyardee: Broccoli Boy

Until this happens, keep the secret.
Kids may never love veggies this much. But with Chef Boyardee there is a
full serving of vegetables in every bowl. Just don't tell them.
Obviously Delicious. Secretly Nutritious.

Advertising Agency: DDB, San Francisco, USA
Executive Creative Director: Lisa Bennett
Creative Director: Heather Reid
Art Director: Nikki Baker
Copywriter: Travis Parr
Art Buyer: Issy Penaflor
Photographer: Zachary Scott

May 2016


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Anonymous Author
1541 pencils

Yes. Too much copy though.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

HappyHour's picture
2381 pencils

agreed. get rid of the headlines on all these - the body copy is good enough.

Paridhi.'s picture
122 pencils

i find..this ad, better, than d 2.... its more clear( the copy)..

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very very cute
but old concept

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Love the tagline! Love the concept!

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This picture's my favourite.

Middle copy could be fixed up a bit, but I agree with everyone on the awesome tagline.

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47 pencils

Me gusta la estética!

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Bad photo.

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what? why? i love it

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7520 pencils

Shouldn't it be "Till then keep the secret"?

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Excelente campaña. En todos los aspectos. La fotografía es perfecta en iluminación, retoque, casting y atrezzo. La gráfica, sencilla y distribuida con criterios de legibilidad y concisión. Pero lo que más impacta es lo bien que se le ha dado la vuelta al concepto y al texto. Un diez.

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